Pondering on photography: how to cull photos and whether to take photos at all while travelling

I am sure that there is a glaringly obvious “piece” missing from my blog, photos. There’s no doubt that photos can complete a blog post and really bring more readers to the table but I feel like there’s a lot to be said about photography whilst travelling and sometimes whether it’s worth taking them at all…

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The truth about working holidays

Being on a working holiday is amazing. I’ve got a mile-long list of things I want to do that are close by but sometimes finding that time in between work has not always been easy, bringing back memories of my life in Australia, the age-old conundrum of working too much and not doing enough for myself.

Working holidays bring a whole different opportunity to help diversify a travel experience. All of a sudden, you get to interact with locals, you are earning money and for those of us who want to make travel a lifestyle rather than a few weeks every year, it allows that dream to become a reality.

It sounds a bit too good to be true and sometimes it is, here’s why working holidays provide an authentic experience but may not always live up to their expectations.

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