10 things I hate (and love) about you: the best and worst of Country England

I know I’ve neglected this blog, but I am hoping sharing the highlights (and lowlights!) of the country life will make up for it.

At the moment, I’m reading Alain De Botton’s Art of Travel and one of the things that’s really stuck out is the fact that a lot of the time, travel isn’t always continuously enjoyable. We not only have to be in the right mind space but more often than not, it is the anticipation which  is more exciting than the experience itself. However I still believe that once we start to really become self-aware and understand what excites us, we can become grateful for our travel experiences. I think one of the key aspects of being happy about the best bits of travelling, is not to sugarcoat and realize that no country nor town or city is perfect, and there’ll always be parts that may not meet our expectations.

This is a collection of thoughts and observations that resonate with me about living in the Oxfordshire countryside about what I really love about being here and a few things that might not rock my boat.
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