About Me

I believe dreams are dynamic and forever changing. However one dream that’s always been constant with me is wanting to travel. Whether the motivation for that has been internal, a longing to do so that’s just been a gut feeling or external where I’ve just gotten tired of the daily grind and wanted to escape, it’s always been there.

Another obsession has been with beauty and pampering. Although part of that has been shaped by the media, a lot of has just been a natural pull towards the industry. My favourite treatment in the world is facials from improving the skins health to the holistic and healing nature of using custom blended oils to working with facial muscles to relax a client.

I definitely have a zest for life and I’m on a journey to learn more about everything I love from the different cultures in this world, to essential oils and skincare ingredients to the changing trends in the beauty industry.

Despite the power of the industry wanting us to over consume, I am wanting to really simplify my life and not buy what I don’t need. I love the idea of choosing a minimalist lifestyle and am constantly trying to base my life around simple principles which allow me to spend less whilst travelling, see more & travel smart.





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