Lovely Lavender

I’ve always had this image in my head about lavender farms. I imagine myself waist deep among the purple fields wearing a stunning pastel dress with my hair blowing in the wind in that very stylised way.  That certainly didn’t happen. Like one iota of it. However my visit to the Lavender Farms in Snowshill was a very lovely experience and certainly one to cross off the bucket list.

After a couple of very hectic, treatment filled days at work, I am so glad to have some time to play catch up with my blog. I’ve got a Triple J youtube playlist playing in the background and I’ve finally got all my photos categorised and ready to upload!

The Cotswold Lavender Farms had been on my to-see list for a very long time coming. There is a small window of opportunity where the farms are open to the public between June and August. I rechecked the website constantly trying to make sure I was able to see the lavender in full bloom and before they were harvested. Part of the reason I wanted to see the lavender farms was because of my love of aromatherapy and that I do dip into blending oils myself.

Located in Snowshill and because it is part of the countryside, it is difficult to get to the farms via public transport and I don’t think it is possible. However I just did a google and it seems that there are some private tours available.

When I saw the sign for the farm, I was brimming with excitement.

Sign for Lavender Farms

Signalling the way to the Lavender!

The admission was extremely reasonable, £2.50 but I do admit I was ever so slightly disappointed when I saw the lavender. It was not waist high as I imagined and running through the fields being wild and free with no one around was going to look quite frankly, idiotic. The sun was shining and the farms weren’t overrun with tourists but it was buzzing. Most people had pro chunky cameras and I felt like many people were there for the photo opportunity which I cannot blame them for!

Lavender hills
Rolling hills of purple!

The farm is not massive and doesn’t take much time to do a couple of laps. You aren’t meant to walk between a lot of the rows of lavender as it can damage the crop but there were rows near the front you were able to walk in between and get close and personal.

Different varieties of lavender

Different varieties of lavender

However my favourite part of the farm wasn’t the differing shades of violet and lilac but rather the field of wildflowers which had a small walking path for visitors. Absolutely breathtaking!



Wildflower field

Stunning wildflower field

Afterwards, we sat down in the cafe adjacent to the farms and I enjoyed some lavender tea and biscuits. Although the cafe had a bit of a cafeteria like atmosphere, it was still a lovely way to end the the trip to farms.

Lavender tea and shortbread

Crumbly lavender shortbread with a strong cup of Earl Grey with Lavender

But it wasn’t the end of the day as we ended up on an impromptu visit to Broadway Tower on the way home!


3 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. I have visited New Forest Lavender and it was really lovely. It inspired me to illustrate a Lavender Cafe and I also designed some Lavender fabric which I am going to sew Lavender bags with soon. I’ve never been to the Cotswolds, but I’m glad for you and it sounds like a great day out. If you’re ever down south maybe visit New Forest Lavender? (no Im not on comission haha) Great post, thanks for sharing and it’s good to know that someone shares my enthusiasm for Lavender. I wrote a blog on it too 🙂

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely visit New Forest Lavender if I ever have the opportunity. I am actually going to France mid next year and a lot of my itinerary is based around visiting herb farms in and near Provence including (hopefully) a trip to the Lavender museum there! Lavender is really beautiful! There were actually lots of lavender fields in bloom around the countryside this summer, so pretty to see from afar. I will have a look at your blog and have a read xx

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