Pondering on photography: how to cull photos and whether to take photos at all while travelling

I am sure that there is a glaringly obvious “piece” missing from my blog, photos. There’s no doubt that photos can complete a blog post and really bring more readers to the table but I feel like there’s a lot to be said about photography whilst travelling and sometimes whether it’s worth taking them at all…

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10 things I hate (and love) about you: the best and worst of Country England

I know I’ve neglected this blog, but I am hoping sharing the highlights (and lowlights!) of the country life will make up for it.

At the moment, I’m reading Alain De Botton’s Art of Travel and one of the things that’s really stuck out is the fact that a lot of the time, travel isn’t always continuously enjoyable. We not only have to be in the right mind space but more often than not, it is the anticipation which  is more exciting than the experience itself. However I still believe that once we start to really become self-aware and understand what excites us, we can become grateful for our travel experiences. I think one of the key aspects of being happy about the best bits of travelling, is not to sugarcoat and realize that no country nor town or city is perfect, and there’ll always be parts that may not meet our expectations.

This is a collection of thoughts and observations that resonate with me about living in the Oxfordshire countryside about what I really love about being here and a few things that might not rock my boat.
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Back to basics: simple nutrition

June has felt like a fleeting moment. I started off the month visiting a nearby village where there wasn’t even a lone coffee shop and waited over an hour for a train ride home. I’ve been to a beautiful spa town, a village pub by famed Marco Pierre White and seen Blenheim Palace. All of which I must and will write about.

However this month has primarily been about self-reflection. I’ve gained an addiction to documentaries and am so heavily invested in what next, what will happen in a year after I’m finished in this bustling market town. But there’s been something even more salient on my mind that is solely rooted in present actions: what should I be doing to take care of myself nutritionally?
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The truth about working holidays

Being on a working holiday is amazing. I’ve got a mile-long list of things I want to do that are close by but sometimes finding that time in between work has not always been easy, bringing back memories of my life in Australia, the age-old conundrum of working too much and not doing enough for myself.

Working holidays bring a whole different opportunity to help diversify a travel experience. All of a sudden, you get to interact with locals, you are earning money and for those of us who want to make travel a lifestyle rather than a few weeks every year, it allows that dream to become a reality.

It sounds a bit too good to be true and sometimes it is, here’s why working holidays provide an authentic experience but may not always live up to their expectations.

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Reasons to let your blog grow naturally

When I first decided to start a blog, let me rephrase, the umpteenth time I decided to start a blog but this time for real, I felt overwhelmed. Being a casual perfectionist (it only extends to some things, unfortunately it doesn’t include keeping my studio presentable), I wanted my “proper” blog to be perfect.

So before even writing my first post, I had a layout in mind and a list of post ideas which I wanted to write before even making my blog public. I wanted it to be complete before it had already started and to have a stockpile of “back-up” posts so I would be prepared to update regularly.

Then I threw away the idea of perfection, am letting my blog develop naturally and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some reasons to support allowing your blog develop in its own time.

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Choosing the right cleanser: 9 things you should consider

Despite a messy dinner of a canapes, a chocolate muffin and champagne due to a work event and the fact I should probably be wallowing in guilt, today is a very exciting day for me. Last night I tried pumping out the last dregs of my cleanser and all that came out was a few gel-based bubbles. Hurrah! An excuse to buy a shiny new cleanser.

Recently I’ve made a promise not to buy anything unless it’s necessary and in turn have made a promise not to restock on skincare unless I run out or if my skin is reacting. So it’s a been long wait for a new facial skincare product which has given me time to think about makes the ideal cleanser to get my skin glowing.
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5 tips in finding motivation to write

It’s not so secret but a little embarrassing how long I’ve worked on this blog. In fact this isn’t even the first draft of said blog. It’s like the third one I’ve created with wordpress, each with a different title and a slew of draft blog posts that have yet to be seen with public eyes.

It’s unnerving posting online and even though you’re in charge of the sugar coating, it’s still you saying, okay this is me, this is what I like and this is how I write. There’s the joy in writing and sharing what you love and there’s that nagging anxiousness that maybe you’re a horrible writer. I am constantly scrutinizing my own writing:  my sentences are too long, my posts are unconnected, I can’t seem to get my point across, I lose track of thought halfway through writing a post and end up just telling myself when I write a bit more and become less crap at it, I’ll finally get this blog up and running.

Now that’s a lovely and realistic thought in theory but anyone who knows me also should know that’s not a realistic outcome. The best time is the present and if it doesn’t happen somewhat now, it probably won’t happen.

So in search of trying to find motivation to write and post, I’ve devised some impromptu self-help tips that have helped me in the past. Continue reading